Care Instructions

Flip Flop Slip and Mountain range Ceramics

Flip Flop Slip pieces are made from local Sydney stoneware clays and are microwave, oven, dishwasher and food safe. Made from a heat shock resistant clay the range can also be used for baking. We recommend using a liquid or gel detergent in the dishwasher to avoid dulling or clouding the glaze over time that can happen when using powder detergent.

When loading a dishwasher or stacking pieces in a drying rack take care that the pieces are not touching one another to avoid any knocks to the edges.

Due to the variation in shape and size we recommend storing the pieces stacked no higher than six.

The Flip Flop Slip range features a smooth glazed top surface and unglazed, textured underside. When placing pieces on top of other items such a furniture please take care to avoid scratching the other items.

Please keep in mind that all pieces are handmade and should be handled with reasonable care. Ceramics are fragile and breakages can occur if dropped, knocked or treated roughly.


The Other Hemisphere Espresso Cup and Saucer

The Other Hemisphere Espresso cups are made from Australian porcelain. They are food safe and can be washed in hot water and detergent. The Smokey Ash saucer should be wiped with a soft cloth and hot water only. To protect the surface the saucer can be wiped with a natural nut or olive oil periodically.